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    AJA Accounting Experts offers outsourced accounting services in Dubai. Outsourcing accounting functions to AJA can provide businesses with numerous benefits. Their team of experienced accountants and professionals can handle various accounting tasks, including bookkeeping, financial statement preparation, payroll processing, accounts payable and receivable, tax compliance, and more.

    "Streamline Your Accounts with AJA: Expert Guidance for Smooth Operations"
    Key Areas of Expertise

    We provide Professional Part Time Accounting services including VAT registration & Implementation, submitting VAT Returns,VAT Refunds, Internal & External Audit as per below through our highly qualified professional accountants and VAT Consultants.

    Corporate Tax

    Get help with small business tax prep services from our…

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    Internal & External Audit

    From simple issues to tax audit help, our tax resolution…

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    Account Bookkeeping & Backlog Services

    Documenting business financial transactions, the former process...

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    VAT Services

    a service is any commercial activity other than a supply…

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    Accounts Outsourcing

    Experienced accountants and professionals can handle various...

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    Accountant Training Program

    Designed to be comprehensive, keeping accountants...

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    "Streamline Your Accounts with AJA: Expert Guidance for Smooth Operations"
    We are specialized in Accounting Software

    Streamline your financial management with our cutting-edge accounting software solutions, designed to simplify and enhance your business operations.

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    If you have not maintained your previous year accounting system, then give us a chance to streamline your previous year accounting records in mutually agreed time period. Looking Forward for your kind response, support and trust in us. We believe on Professional expertise with quality work and timely commitments.


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    We offer the best accounting services with a team of professionals who are highly skilled and certified. Our way of working is uncomplicated and efficient, which makes it easy for our clients to understand the process. We encourage our clients to ask any questions that might help them understand why we suggest certain actions or why we are taking certain actions with them.

    We believe that communication is important for collaboration and building trust between clients and businesses.

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    All Our Accounting Service Providers are fully qualified Accountants and Consultants in the field. We handle all your services professionally, with accuracy, speed and efficiency. Our goal is to provide you with a service that you are happy with, at a price you can afford. All our services are competetively priced so you have peace of mind that your money is being well spent.

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    Corporate Tax 100%

    Accounting Services 98%

    VAT Consultancy 99%

    Audit Services 97%


    Dealing with DIFC and ADGM clients

    What are the key considerations for businesses in the UAE regarding the recently introduced corporate tax?

    Businesses in the UAE should carefully assess the implications of the newly introduced corporate tax. AJA Experts Accounting can guide businesses in understanding the specific requirements, such as the applicable tax rate, thresholds, and reporting obligations. We help businesses evaluate the impact of corporate tax on their financial statements and devise strategies to mitigate any potential adverse effects.

    How can AJA Experts Accounting assist businesses in understanding and complying with the corporate tax regulations in the UAE?

    AJA Experts Accounting is well-versed in the corporate tax regulations in the UAE. Our team of tax experts provides comprehensive guidance to businesses, ensuring they have a clear understanding of their obligations. We assist in proper tax planning, identifying eligible deductions, and optimizing tax positions. With our expertise, businesses can navigate the complex tax landscape with ease and remain compliant with all regulatory requirements.

    Can AJA Experts Accounting assist with financial statement preparation and analysis for businesses?

    Absolutely! AJA Experts Accounting has expertise in financial statement preparation and analysis. Our team will work closely with you to gather the necessary financial data, prepare accurate and comprehensive financial statements, and provide valuable insights through detailed analysis. We help you understand the financial health of your business and make informed decisions based on the financial information presented in the statements.

    What specific VAT advisory services do you offer to help businesses optimize their VAT processes, manage VAT returns, and minimize their tax liabilities?

    Our VAT advisory services cover a wide range of areas to assist businesses in optimizing their VAT processes. We offer VAT planning and consultation to identify opportunities for cost savings, VAT health checks to assess the accuracy and completeness of VAT records, and VAT return filing services to ensure timely and accurate submission of VAT returns. Additionally, we provide VAT penalty waiver assistance, VAT refund support, and guidance on VAT de-registration for businesses that may no longer meet the VAT registration criteria.

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    We contacted a Accountant last year when a question arose about reorganizing the firm. We were very lucky, everything was done quickly!

    Rose Richards



    The AJA EXPERTS Accounting Services team has been very helpful with VAT Implementation and other related related questions during our learning curve. Thank you again for everything.

    Wade Warren


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